Explore GBA's mega cross-sea passage with GDToday's stringer from Venezuela

来源: 欧洲侨报   时间:2024-06-30 12:17:44

The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link commenced its trial operations on June 30, after seven years of planning and construction.

This approximately 24-kilometer-long Link consists of one undersea tunnel, two bridges, and two artificial islands. Notably, the east artificial island is connected to the undersea tunnel, making it the world's first underwater expressway interchange.

With the opening of the Link, travel time between Shenzhen, located on the eastern shore of the Pearl River estuary, and Zhongshan, on its western side, will be reduced from two hours to just 30 minutes.

GDToday stringer, Venezuelan vlogger Rafael Saavedra is one of the first batch of visitors to this cross-sea megaproject. Follow his vlog to embark on a journey along this brand new passage!

Reporter: Holly

Video: Rafael Saavedra, Greyson

Poster: Lulu

Editor: Olivia Monica, Abby, James



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