ShenZhong Link is a game changer for regional business growth: Zhongshan-based fashion entrepreneur

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"To be honest, I couldn't be in a better place than here at this moment," said Cengiz Dana, a Turkish-born Dutch citizen and the CEO of Goldreal Ltd. in Zhongshan. "My business in Zhongshan, thanks to the ShenZhong Link, is perfectly located."

As the ShenZhong Link prepares to start trial operations at 3 p.m. on June 30, local foreign businesses are looking forward to significant benefits. Among the most optimistic is Cengiz Dana, who believes the new infrastructure will transform the regional business landscape.

ShenZhong Link is bridging functions in fashion

Dana highlights the robust marketing capabilities of Shenzhen, which boasts numerous showrooms and a strong fashion market. He sees this as a critical advantage for enhancing communication and business relations between the two cities that the project links. "Shenzhen has a marketing capacity with all the showrooms," he noted. "So we will communicate better in the future. We need each other."

The anticipation surrounding the Link is palpable, with many buyers from Shenzhen, as Dana noted, having already been exploring opportunities in Zhongshan. "So we are in a good position here with our business," Dana said, "Shenzhen has a function as a marketing hub, while we in Zhongshan function as creators and producers."

Infrastructure serves as a catalyst for expansion

Dana emphasizes the importance of infrastructure for business growth, pointing out that the Link will significantly ease transportation challenges. "Without the bridge, it was difficult to maintain business relations," he explained, "Every time, two hours on the way would make you tired. Now, the problem will be solved. Everything is just starting. In the future, everything is going to be much bigger and more competitive."

Drawing from his experiences in Istanbul, Dana sees a similar potential for economic boost in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area due to the enhanced infrastructure. "I've seen these kinds of things in Istanbul, now I see them here again."

Until now, Dana's products have primarily been sold outside China, in markets such as Europe, Canada, and America. However, the ease of access provided by the ShenZhong Link has encouraged him to start marketing in China as well. "Maybe soon I will start my showroom in Shenzhen, as everything becomes easier," he shared, "I'm happy that this is happening now. We really need this bridge."

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